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Easy Way To Type Voice Into Google Dock 2020

Easy Way To Type Voice Into Google Dock: How are you all? Hope you are a lot better. Because stay with Twilight Twilight is a good thing! Because I am Muhammad Pearl with you a new trick. So let’s not start talking.

After seeing the title, maybe you understand what to talk about. Yes, today’s topic of discussion is the simple way of typing voice in Google Doc.

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Easy Way To Type Voice Into Google Dock

There is nothing to re-introduce what Google Doc is. Because you already know. Nevertheless, let’s just say, Google Dock is a word processing application, web-based, that basically works like Microsoft Word.

The use of this service is increasing day by day. Many people are using Google Dock every day for its business, business transactions or any other purpose.

The Google Dock service is essentially a Google product that is web-based. No need to write down the keyboard with difficulty! Because we have Google Doc. Where voice typing is available. Today’s article contains a detailed discussion on how to do this only for readers of TechLive Twenty-Four.

First of all, we need to make sure that no matter where we use Google Dock. Whether the device’s microphone is on or active. The devices can be,

  • Smartphone
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Steps

First, you need to launch Google Dock using your Google Chrome browser. (Google Chrome for better performance)

Then the document that will be working should start the file or else create a document file.
Then notice above that there is an option called Tools. You have to select ‘Voice Typing’ from the Tools option and click on the microphone icon and give the required permissions.

Then click on the microphone icon and it will be typed in Google Doc.

You can choose the language you want if you want.

So far today’s article. Stay with TechLive Twenty-Four until the next article is published.


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