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Working Long Lours Increases The Health Risk 2020

Working long hours increases the health risk: We need to stay in the office or business for a long time to make a living. Sitting for a long time gradually begins to build up the body in various diseases, which can sometimes be fatal. Studies show that hypertension, diabetes, waist fat, excess cholesterol in the blood, heart problems, weight gain problems are higher among those who work.

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Working long hours increases the health risk
Also, those who work long hours at the desk suffer from waist and neck pain. But it is not possible to give up the day-to-day work of life. So every day there should be some practice in the workspace. For example, after an hour, get up from the chair and walk for a while, getting up and down the stairs instead of the elevator, sitting upright in the chair.
There are also some small exercises that can be done sitting in a chair, doing these exercises at work. It is important to remember that the number of calories our body consumes every day, should be utilized.
So you should try to walk at least 5 minutes every day. In addition to breakfast, you should take seasonal fruits or nuts instead of roasted or fast food. Green tea helps us reduce cholesterol in the body, so green tea can be consumed instead of tea or coffee.

In addition, if any health problems arise, you should consult a doctor.

Author: Skin, Laser & Aesthetic Specialist

Source: Daily Ittefaq

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