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Adsense Approval Trick 2020

Adsense Approval Trick 2020: Ways to get Google Adsense: Today we will talk about Google Adsense, how we can easily get Google Adsense for our blog. Since creating the blog, we have been thinking about how we can make income from our blog. Google AdSense is the best way to earn from Blog. There are some rules you must follow to get this Google AdSense.

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Adsense Approval Trick 2020

Today, I will present to you the same questions that I have with Google Adsense, and I will answer those questions again. If you read this post carefully today and apply it to Google in compliance with these rules, then I will give you 1000% COR for your blog. Get Google Adsense

Ways to get Google AdSense 2020

I summarize the basic rules for getting Google Adsense, and then I will discuss in detail the hope that all of your questions will be answered and answered in this discussion.

  • Custom domain
  • Blog Design
  •  Unique content
  •  Unique image
  •  Real visitors
  •  Site index
  •  The age of the blog

Q: What kind of domain should I take? .xyz, .online, .ooo,. Website, such an extension domain does Google AdSense approve?

Answer: There is no problem with any type of top level domain you can apply to Google. However, if you can take .dot less then it is best because .com is as trustworthy as Google, and even the general like us .com means website.

There are new extensions that are not as familiar to us, so if we actually launch the website with all these extensions, it will take a little longer for people to get acquainted with them. There you can pick any such extension .net .info .org because they are popular domain extensions.

With these new domain extensions like .xyz or your .online, .website, but you get Google Adsense there is no problem. Many people have the question whether or not you can get Google Adsense Approved with .xyz if you are 1000% It seems more likely that you can take the Google Adsense Approve with it no problem try to create a website with the most popular extensions.

 Q: Does Google AdSense approve on or subdomain?

If you do not want to use a custom domain but only or want to get Google Adsense using a subdomain, then the age of your site is a big deal. If you do a blogspot, then you should be at least 3 months of age for your blog and have a fair amount of good website visits. If your visitor number is on average 50 to 100 per day, you will get Google Adsense with blogspot no problem.

Q: What should be the design of the blog? Using a theme or template, Google Adsense can be easily found?

You can use any type of THEME or template, but the thing to keep in mind is that your theme should be responsive, meaning that your blog site or website can be viewed very well from all devices.

If you are using blogspot then you can use super seo optimized blogger template as this template has no errors and is fully responsive.

If you are a WordPress user, you can use ColorMag this theme for free, it is fully responsive and will easily get Google Adsense approachable.

Another thing to note is that you do not use any kind of template or theme, do not try to be too colorful just try to make the logo a little better.

You can stick your logo with Photoshop or you can create a logo online from where there are various logo makers, and another thing is to make sure that your website does not have any kind of navigation problem. It can be seen that if any user does not work there by clicking on one of your menus or if you have any kind of error show 404 there is no such problem.

Many people who say that Google Adsense can be found in the Free Template, in fact Google Adsense will be available in the Free Theme so there is no problem. However, be careful not to remove the name of the theme from the footer as it does, because if it ever visits your blog and if ever he complains, you must keep in mind that your Google AdSense will be diable. .

Q: How many posts do I need to post for Google Adsense and how do I post unique?

First of all I want to say that exactly how much to post to get Google Adsense, there is no specific amount. In many cases, Google Adsense will be done for ten posts, and many times 15 people say again that they need to write 20 to 25 again. Many say it is better to write more. However, from my own experience, what I want to say is that you will write at least 20 to 22 posts for the blog as you will notice that Google Update has come up with 20 to 22 posts.

And every time you try to write, many people say that 1000 word has to be, many say there is no such thing as 600 word. Many people have different opinions, no matter if you just care whether your post is fun or not.

Suppose you write a 300 word post, the viewer is very happy to read the post and he hopes to get the post he came to read, but your post is worth it. And suppose you wrote a 2000 word post again but the viewer did not find that subject inside your 2000 word. In that case, he will never want to visit your blog again. So the thing to keep in mind is what the viewer wants and whether he or she wants it inside your post.

Now, how to make a post unique is best if you are writing it yourself, it is definitely good when you write the post from your own ideas, read different blogs. You can use a tool to check if the texts are unique. Smallseotools allow you to see whether your post is unique or how many percent unique it is.

Many will not say if the post can be rewrite but I will say that there is no problem but you have to take care that the post is unique. There are several online tools to rewrite, and the one I recommend is that you have no problem with Google Translate, but keep in mind that your post is unique. And in the case of Unique if you have 70% of the entire post if there is no remaining 30%, then there is no problem, so keep this in mind that 70% of your unit must be unique.

 Q: Can you download the image from Google and use it on your blog and it will be a problem to get adsense?

Of course there is no problem in using your image from Google to use it on your blog, but one thing to keep in mind is that you can modify the image and then use it. You can do this with Photoshop or by using the tools for editing different types of photos. Then you can use the image again. Be careful not to look any further inside the image on any other website like watermark.

 When you edit the image, it will not be a problem to get Google AdSense.

 Q: How many visitors are required to get Google Adsense?

Many people turn to the question of how many visitors it takes to get Google Adsense, in fact there is no such request written on Google that you need to have enough visitors to get adsense.

But what I would say is that if you are not a visitor then what do you do with Google Adsense, then of course when you get good quality visitors to your blog then if you apply for Google then you will easily get Google Adsense Approval. If you can get up to 10 visitors a day to get Google Adsense, then you will easily get Google AdSense.

You can use social media very well for visitors because you can bring a lot of visitors from social media to your website and then you can apply for Google Adense no problem.

Q: When will I apply for Google Adsense?

We often see Google apply for Google AdSense over 10 days, which is a big mistake, as it appears that Google has not indexed all the posts you made on your blog in those ten days. In this case, Google will send you an email directly stating that you have broken Google’s policy and your AdSense access is not possible.

So the first thing you should do is submit your blog site to Google Webmaster Tools and submit your blog sitemap so that Google robots can easily index your site and from that webmaster tool you will see your current status.

When all the posts will be indexed in Google then you apply to Google so there will be no problem and it will be very convenient for you to get Google Adsense.

 Q: How long can the blog be applied for Google Adsense?

One thing to keep in mind when applying Google Adsense is that if your blog site or website belongs to a custom domain, the minimum domain age is 15 days or 30 days old. Buy a domain today and write ten posts tomorrow and apply to Google. Do not ever do this, so Google Adsense will reject your application, so be aware of that. Your site may be slightly outdated.

And if you are hoping for a Google AdSense with Blogspot or subdomain, you must take the time if you want to get Google Adsense with free, then you have to wait at least three months for your blog. If good quality visitors come and go, you can apply to Google and hopefully find some way to get Google Adsense. To not be a problem.

Today’s post on how to get Google Adsense I hope you will be very helpful. If you have any understanding or any questions then of course you can comment in the comment box below the post and you can share another post. I hope you do not copy this post and use it on your site. Well everyone will be healthy next time I visit the site again I will be back with a new post for you on my-

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