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Facebook lends $ 1 million fine to leaked information to customers

Facebook lends $ 1 million fine to leaked information to customers: Facebook will pay a fine of $ 100 million to dispose of allegations of failure to protect users’ privacy. Facebook has also been asked to form an independent ‘privacy committee’. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has said the Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg would not be able to report on the committee. News: BBC.
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Facebook lends $ 1 million fine to leaked information to customers
Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based company, has been investigating allegations that the US Federal Trade Commission has stolen the personal data of some 8 million Facebook users. Subsequently, the scope of this investigation was further enhanced.
Never before has a company been fined for such a huge fine to undermine consumers’ privacy.
FTC chairman Joe Simmons says Facebook has repeatedly promised millions of users that they will be in control of how their personal information is shared. But they failed to keep this promise.
The data collected by the Cambridge Analytica is alleged to have been used to influence the US election and the Brexit referendum in Britain.
Alex Stamos, a former chief security officer at Facebook, said Facebook was actually the result of this compromise.
Source: Daily Ittefaq

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