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Avoid those foods after thirty, and stay healthy

Thirty years old is also called a turning point in life. During this time, the body and mind change a lot. So you need to be careful about eating food. Because after thirty years, you will be healthy if you omit some foods.

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Avoid those foods after thirty, and stay healthy

Experts advise eating healthy after thirty. Four such foods are reported by the health website Demic.

Let’s not know that after thirty, avoid those foods and stay healthy.

1. Artificial sugar can not be consumed after 1.5 years. Excessive consumption of artificial sugar increases the risk of nausea and type-2 diabetes.

2.  Alcohol contains calories after 5 years it is difficult to shed excess calories in the body. Alcohol also increases insulin levels in the body. As a result, the body is damaged.

3. Caffeine contained in milk and caffeine in milk. Which is harmful to the skin. Besides, milk tea leaves the body dehydrated. And after 5 years, as the skin slowly progresses to old age, it is better not to drink tea coffee.

4. Experts say to avoid white flour bread after thirty. Because the body converts flour to glucose. As a result, fat accumulates faster. Experts recommend eating red flour bread instead of white flour.

Source: Daily Jugantar

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